Sunday, December 05, 2004

Finals Week Pain

Oh my goodness! Finals have us going crazy! I'm supposed to be studying oceanography right now, but I thought I'd update this so I can start getting some more pageviews. I wanted to let all of you know about a program called mozilla firefox. It is a web-browser like Internet Explorer, except it doesn't suck!! Since using it I have had absolutely no problems with popups! If anyone who I've "converted" to firefox reads this, please comment and let everyone know how good it is! (Anyone can comment on this blog, no membership required!) For all of you who have wanted to see Stephanie, I have a picture of us that was taken at Shannon and Adam's wedding. Stephanie is soo freaking cool, I just wish she wasn't under so much stress lately. Tomorrow is our one month marker!!!! I LOVE YA, SWEETIE!!!
Ok, the place I was going to host the picture is being a bitch, so I'll post it later....