Saturday, April 30, 2005


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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A victory for Fair Use in an unlikely place...

Hey all... I saw a really interesting story today. Oddly enough, the French of all people have actually done something that sets a precedent for societal good! Evidently, aFrench court has banned the methods used by DVD makers to prevent copying of purchased products. The story reads:

A French court has ruled that DRM softwre preventing DVDs from being copied is illegal. A court of appeal decided that the use of the software banned owners from making copies of the products they had purchased for private use - and gave film firms a month to remove the crippleware from their discs.The case came about after a man tried to copy the film, Mulholland Drive, onto a videotape so his mother could watch it - she didn't have a DVD player. The court ruled the men was within his rights to expect he would be able to copy the disc onto a tape and pass it on as it was not being resold.The disk was labelled as copy-protected, but the court decided the label was too small to be useful. It sided with the French consumer body, the Union Fédérale des Consommateurs, against film firms Films Alain Sarde and Studio Canal in the case.

A Parisian court of appeal on Friday threw out a complaint from Films Alain Sarde and Studio Canal and sided with consumer's body.

Source: The Inq via:

Monday, April 25, 2005

Thar be hackers in them net-waves AHOY!

This evening I took the "What Kind of Pirate are you?" test on's how I fared, matey!

William Dampier
You are 63 %Treasurer, have 75% Seafairability, crave 47% Bloodlusting, and lust 40% in Wenchwanting!

Naturalist, Scientist, and Buccaneer, Captain Dampier you are the
gentleman of pirates! Circumnavigating the globe three times whilst
collecting treasure and anthropological data has made you a pirate of
substance and class which doesn't happen very often! You're in a league
of your own here, and while I don't neccessarily condone the lack of
wenching and bloodletting, your great passion and scientific
inquisition are well noted!

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 74% on Treasurer
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You scored higher than 86% on Seafairability
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Link: The What Kind of PIRATE Are You Test written by JosephineGreen on Ok Cupid

RTV: The debate rages on.

Well, good ol' BJ replied to my last post on this topic... still not getting the point. Lets look at what he says that might further my argument.

Yeah, you have the right to criticize them for it... but acting incredulous at what they say in an email YOU signed up for is simply immature - as I was pointing out.
Again, BJ: it isn't what they said that caused me to write the article. In other words, it's not necessarily that I disagree with their stances on any particular topic. What I'm "incredulous" about is the fact that they take a stance on anything despite their stated goal of inspiring others to think for themselves. Do you suggest I unsubscribe from their emails and forget about them? Personally, I think immaturity lies in being complacent with the way others think and the way things are. Thank goodness abolitionists were mature enough to denounce slavery instead of turning a blind eye to it.

As for cursing... lol. If you are that easily offended, then perhaps I should not only refrain from "swear" words, but also use smaller ones... would that help? Take a Philosophy class, take a Communications class, take a Linguistics class, whatever... but do something to help you realize that the merit of an argument is not affected by the means in which it is presented, unless acted upon by the already established bias of the reader (your aversion to swearing).
Btw, your spelling mistake ("cricize") , capitalization error ("It's" ) and general condescending tone (such as the one I am taking now) make me think you're dumb. :roll:
First off, I have no aversion to swearing. I simply want to make my blog a place appropriate for all audiences. Second, if your opinion of my intelligence was determined by a single spelling error and a capitalization error, then you have other problems. Also, you said that cursing shouldn't affect the merit of an "argument". While this may be true, it seems that you have only asserted a point, ("If you don't like their stance, ignore them") and have then backed it up with well.. nothing, as far as I can see. You did throw in something about the Swift boat vets, but since two wrongs don't make a right, this seems irrelevant to me. I also find it ironic that in the same place you criticize my intelligence based on these things, that you use "lol" and "btw". I guess the fact that they're in the dictionary makes it ok (Reference). But what really amuses me is that, my debates with liberals, for the most part, always degenerate into "you're dumb!" It happened in 3rd grade and, I see, still occurs as we begin to enter the real world. Though, I guess, it doesn't stop there, as we saw it in the left's characterization of President Bush. I'm sure glad the public saw through it.

Also, I'd like to apologize to all if the tone of my previous post was condescending. It probably has something to do with the fact that I wrote it at 6:40 in the morning, and hadn't yet had my cup of coffee. (That probably influenced the "numerous" capitalization and spelling errors that plagued the posting.) However, since I now have a better picture of just how intellectually bankrupt this reader is, (evidenced by the fact that personal attacks have been the only arguments given to support his supposed "point") you can expect a condescending tone in regard to his messages in the future, because it is clear to me that such a tone is warranted at this time.

Now, dear readers, what can we learn from all of this? The main thing I see is that if all RTV supporters are as dense as this one, then it's a damn good thing someone is speaking out! People of his caliber are especially prone to being fooled by those who claim to take no stance.

I'm serious! Just ask CNN about their audience! ::Greg runs for cover:: - GDC: Duke Nukem Forever physics surpass Half-Life 2

Wow... Duke Nukem Forever is still on its way, and... it's going to kick ass, evidently! - GDC: Duke Nukem Forever physics surpass Half-Life 2

The piece says:

In a short but hugely impressive real-time demo, a room is almost completely demolished using a weapon that fires tennis-ball sized projectiles. In the first section of the demo, glass panels shatter realistically and fragile boxes full of objects suspended from the ceiling are smashed, leaving jagged corners hanging on ropes while the contents smash to the floor.

In another section, a tiled wall is destroyed realistically, with tiles breaking and popping off the wall when they're hit sufficiently hard, while further demonstrations of the engine's prowess include human shaped "rag doll" models in glass boxes, which react realistically to the environment around them being damaged, and most impressively of all, a completely interactive piece of cloth suspended between poles - which billows and stretches when it's shot, and can even be filled with balls like a hammock.

Sounds cool to me!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Welcoming a new conservative to the Blogsphere!

I am proud to welcome NuSouthNeoCon to the Google Blogger scene! We met on yahoo chat... check out his page here:

I hope to get a linkbar up soon...


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Xbox 360 prototype?

The above image was leaked on to the net today, and purports to be the Xbox 360 (the successor to Microsoft's Kickass console). However, like the giant silver X put on display before the original's release, this may end up being just a prototype of the final product. More to come... eventually!

Source: Afterdawn

Friday, April 22, 2005

Responses to my comment.

WOW! 30 hits last night! (Yeah, I know... I suck at life...) Anyway, I wanna thank all who have visited (ESPECIALLY the 2 ppl that actually clicked one of my banners!), and if you were just linked here by a friend, I assume your looking for the previous posting.

Anyway so: one thing I'd like to clear up

BJ writes:
If you don't like their stance... don't get the emails. It's their right to say whatever the fuck they want... be it non-partisan or not... AND they have they right to lie and call themselves non-partisan. Sucks don't it?
But don't pretend like it's purely a liberal phenomenom. The "Swift Boat Vets Against John Kerry (or whatever their official name was) claimed to be non-partisan too... :roll:
Uhh... ok... pretty standard response to this one... Just as they have the right to say what they want, and lie to their target audience, so do I have the right to cricize them for it, and warn others not to be swayed by them, so leave me alone (or don't, It's your right!).

About the swiftboat vets, you're right, they weren't non partisan. As I understand it, they were bipartisan!

Oh, and by the way... cursing really helps me see the truth your argument! ":roll:"

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Speak your mind before 'Rock the Vote' speaks it for you!

Hey guys! I just commented on the Rock The Vote blog, belonging to a "non partisan" group that, around election time was pretty much saying "GET OUT AND VOTE (for the democrat!) !". I took a screenshot of my post, in case they decide to delete it. Anyway, get over there, read it, and post your comments!
Directly to my comment

The article to which I was responding

I'd love to hear from ya! And tell your friends to check this out too!


Friday, April 15, 2005

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

First AudioBlogger Post

Well, on my way to logic class, I decided to try out AudioBlogger... Click the button below to check out my audio post!

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New comment system & Trackback support...

Hey all, I just set up Haloscan commenting and trackback support. As a result all your old comments have been deleted! I apologize for this, but I think trackback is really important for the future of this blog. I'm hoping to find some way to dramatically increase traffic (to try to get $ from my google adsense ads...) Anyway, i'm also going to be adding a link bar eventually, so if you have a blog of your own (or a Xanga account) please link to me. I'll be doing the same for you! :-).

I also just set up "AudioBlogger". Hopefully this will let me post a lot more. More info upcoming...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Snow Angel

Hey, all. I was feeling inspired tonight, so I wrote the following poem. I encourage comments, and you can comment without an account, but, if you do so, please put your name, so I know if anyone is actually reading this! As to the dedication of this poem... she knows who she is :-)

The Snow Angel

By Greg Mikeska
April 05, 2005 (2:35 AM)

In the snow I trudge along, looking for my soul,
I see the mountains far ahead, and I feel the bitter cold.
Along the trail I walk alone, never once looking back in regret.
The One above serves as my guide, and He hasn't failed me yet.

"To the right!" says God. I look, and in a nearby grove of pine,
I see an angel! One of His! I ask "Can she be mine?"
I hear no answer from above, so then I ask again.
"Is this the one you've made for me? Is this my long lost friend?"

Glowing like a piece of gold, with eyes the slightest blue,
The angel starts to walk with me, and I know it must be true.
We sing and dance, and talk about the goings-on of life,
we share a little laughter and we share a little strife.

And she paints the most beautiful pictures, like the one that's in the sky,
as we sit and watch the sunset gold over mountains way up high.
My laughter's ringing higher than it ever has before,
I find I'm singing louder, and that life is no longer a bore.

But then, God says "My faithful son, please let My angel free."
"She needs the time, and so do you, to grow stronger in Me.
Your paths will cross a time or two. You may end up hand-in-hand."
So I look up and I say to Him "Yes, Sir, I know You have a plan."

"Give me the grace to love her enough to let her spirit fly,
And stay with me as I hug her tight, and as I say goodbye.
It isn't easy to do Your will, but I know it's always right."
So, I wish her luck and wave until she's walked out of my sight.

Epilogue & Promise:
You're never really gone from me. I think of you every day.
The "distance" is a metaphor, and that's how it's going to stay.
I'm trusting in the Maker's Map to guide me with His light,
and I promise to be here if ever you need a shoulder in the night.

Friday, April 01, 2005

I've got to stop wishing.. gotta go fishing. I'm down to rock bottom again.

I think about paris when I’m high on red wine
I wish I could jump on a plane
So many nights I just dream of the ocean
God, I wish I was sailin’ again.
-Jimmy Buffett "Changes in Lattitudes, Changes in Attitudes"

I'm really feeling the statement above, deep in my heart. I don't think I can do this much longer. Anyone else up for a road trip to Port Aransas in the coming weeks? I know it's close to finals, but I just gotta get the hell outta here before all of you go home for summer. Anyone up to it? Lemme know... Thanks!