Monday, April 25, 2005 - GDC: Duke Nukem Forever physics surpass Half-Life 2

Wow... Duke Nukem Forever is still on its way, and... it's going to kick ass, evidently! - GDC: Duke Nukem Forever physics surpass Half-Life 2

The piece says:

In a short but hugely impressive real-time demo, a room is almost completely demolished using a weapon that fires tennis-ball sized projectiles. In the first section of the demo, glass panels shatter realistically and fragile boxes full of objects suspended from the ceiling are smashed, leaving jagged corners hanging on ropes while the contents smash to the floor.

In another section, a tiled wall is destroyed realistically, with tiles breaking and popping off the wall when they're hit sufficiently hard, while further demonstrations of the engine's prowess include human shaped "rag doll" models in glass boxes, which react realistically to the environment around them being damaged, and most impressively of all, a completely interactive piece of cloth suspended between poles - which billows and stretches when it's shot, and can even be filled with balls like a hammock.

Sounds cool to me!