Friday, April 22, 2005

Responses to my comment.

WOW! 30 hits last night! (Yeah, I know... I suck at life...) Anyway, I wanna thank all who have visited (ESPECIALLY the 2 ppl that actually clicked one of my banners!), and if you were just linked here by a friend, I assume your looking for the previous posting.

Anyway so: one thing I'd like to clear up

BJ writes:
If you don't like their stance... don't get the emails. It's their right to say whatever the fuck they want... be it non-partisan or not... AND they have they right to lie and call themselves non-partisan. Sucks don't it?
But don't pretend like it's purely a liberal phenomenom. The "Swift Boat Vets Against John Kerry (or whatever their official name was) claimed to be non-partisan too... :roll:
Uhh... ok... pretty standard response to this one... Just as they have the right to say what they want, and lie to their target audience, so do I have the right to cricize them for it, and warn others not to be swayed by them, so leave me alone (or don't, It's your right!).

About the swiftboat vets, you're right, they weren't non partisan. As I understand it, they were bipartisan!

Oh, and by the way... cursing really helps me see the truth your argument! ":roll:"