Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Snow Angel

Hey, all. I was feeling inspired tonight, so I wrote the following poem. I encourage comments, and you can comment without an account, but, if you do so, please put your name, so I know if anyone is actually reading this! As to the dedication of this poem... she knows who she is :-)

The Snow Angel

By Greg Mikeska
April 05, 2005 (2:35 AM)

In the snow I trudge along, looking for my soul,
I see the mountains far ahead, and I feel the bitter cold.
Along the trail I walk alone, never once looking back in regret.
The One above serves as my guide, and He hasn't failed me yet.

"To the right!" says God. I look, and in a nearby grove of pine,
I see an angel! One of His! I ask "Can she be mine?"
I hear no answer from above, so then I ask again.
"Is this the one you've made for me? Is this my long lost friend?"

Glowing like a piece of gold, with eyes the slightest blue,
The angel starts to walk with me, and I know it must be true.
We sing and dance, and talk about the goings-on of life,
we share a little laughter and we share a little strife.

And she paints the most beautiful pictures, like the one that's in the sky,
as we sit and watch the sunset gold over mountains way up high.
My laughter's ringing higher than it ever has before,
I find I'm singing louder, and that life is no longer a bore.

But then, God says "My faithful son, please let My angel free."
"She needs the time, and so do you, to grow stronger in Me.
Your paths will cross a time or two. You may end up hand-in-hand."
So I look up and I say to Him "Yes, Sir, I know You have a plan."

"Give me the grace to love her enough to let her spirit fly,
And stay with me as I hug her tight, and as I say goodbye.
It isn't easy to do Your will, but I know it's always right."
So, I wish her luck and wave until she's walked out of my sight.

Epilogue & Promise:
You're never really gone from me. I think of you every day.
The "distance" is a metaphor, and that's how it's going to stay.
I'm trusting in the Maker's Map to guide me with His light,
and I promise to be here if ever you need a shoulder in the night.