Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Wife

Ok. Today I was inspired to write a poem about my wife. I know what you're thinking: "Greg, you crazy poet... You aren't married!" Well, I know she's out there somewhere, I just don't know who she is yet. We may even already know each other... Crazy to think that she may be right under my nose! Well, anyway, I wrote the first part of this poem to God, and the second part is, in part, to my wife.

If you actually are my wife, and are reading this years after it's written, please keep in mind, sweetie, that I'm really tired right now, and just had to get these thoughts on the page... so some of the rythm may not be exactly right. But also keep in mind that I wrote it because God's preparing me for you every day, so that we can build a successful family, and glorify Him. I'd also like you to know that I already love you.
Ok. Enough mushy intro stuff... lets get to the mushy poem! :-)

My Wife

This is a prayer to my God and my King,

and I have to ask just one little thing.

I know that there’s someone alive for me now,

and that we will meet someday or somehow.

But I am now filled with an innermost wish

to seek out my wife and, in love, find bliss.

I pray that if that should depart from your plan,

then give me the strength to arise as a man.

Tomorrow or later I know her I’ll find,

but today take this troubling out of my mind.

But, if it is now, God that I should be seeking

then I thank you for giving me the need of which I’m speaking.

To the one I am meant for, I pray this one prayer:

That she knows, when the time is right, I will be there.

That I’ll love her forever, and never look back

even when the photos of youth are beginning to crack.

I pray that she’s looking for someone like me,

so that we can find one another and, together, be free.

We’re happy apart, and together, elated.

What God binds together won’t be separated.

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