Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rough Weeks

Ok... so the last few weeks have been rough. Not only have I been covered up with school work, I also got sick, and I'm still fighting off the last few germ-stragglers... cough cough. Anyway, God has put something awesome in my life, as well! Just over a month ago, a complete stranger (who also happens to share a dorm with me) added me as a friend to her facebook. That stranger was Michelle von Readen. We started messaging back and forth, since I'd seen her around the dorm, and now we're dating! She's made the last few weeks so much more bearable, and I attribute my recovery from the illness to getting to see her beautiful smile every day. We've been meaning to get some photos together, but she said we should wait until I feel better. My blog has reached a point of stagnation, since I haven't updated since the stone age, but I'm coming back, with a renewed commitment! (yeah, right!) But, in all seriousness, I hope to keep updating this thing more, so that anyone interested can once again see what's going on up here *points to head* on the emotional, philosophical, and logical level. For instance, Friday and Saturday, Michelle and I spent the whole day together. That never gets old!

One really important issue I'd like to address here concerns events that are to occur tomorrow. My cousin Melanie is going back to have her second tumor removed. I'd really appreciate your prayers for her, as well as our family as a whole.

Thanks a bunch!

Hoping to write again soon!