Thursday, November 24, 2005

Google Analytics Workaround for adding another site to an existing account

As some of you may know, Google recently acquired the website traffic analysis company called Urchin, and set its services free to all who want them, under the name "Google Analytics". However, shortly after rollout, they reportedly suspended new user signups pending an introductory phase of some sort. Luckily, I got this very blog enrolled in the program prior to the suspension. Today, I wanted to add google analytics to the blog I share with my girlfriend, and I noticed that, though a "tip" on the main page instructed me to click the link marked "Add Website Profile", no such link was present. It then occurred to me that they must have suspended adding sites to a pre-existing account as well. Out of pure curiosity, and thinking that the big dawgs at Google would never be this stupid, I popped up the source of the page, to see if I could find any hints on adding it. Lo and behold:

The highlighted text up close is (click img below):

That's right, folks... whoever was put on the job of disabling that feature simply commented out the code!
So, I copied the url onto the address bar, and I was allowed to add my site!

So, I figured I'd post this little work-around so that others could join in the fun! I've not yet found a way to allow a user to create an account, but I figure they must've had someone more competent on the task of disabling that part.

By the way, I know this post isn't very well written, and there're probably a few grammatical & spelling errors. That's because I pulled an all nighter last night to work on a paper that's due in a few weeks... oh well... I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead!